Visitors Get Robbed On Rose – Local Man Helps Crash Victim

Last night around midnight a male black in a long brown trenchcoat pulled a gun and robbed two folks at Lincoln and Rose. The visitors were from England and Italy, and they are staying with friends in Oakwood.

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Around the same time over by Alla Rd & the 90 Fwy, a local man witnessed a man on a bicycle get nailed on his bike by a vehicle. The man looked to be seriously injured, and was a bloody mess – but he got on his bike and rode away. LAPD showed up and did a cursory search for the man and were about to call it quits, but follower @N8theSk8 (who has a badass Instagram page) insisted the man was too badly injured and they should keep looking. LAPD loaded him up in a patrol car to look and they found the man bleeding severely from head trauma in Alla park. He fled because he is on parole, hasn’t checked in with his parole officer and has a no-bail warrant for his arrest. He will be going back to jail, after being treated for the crash.



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