Santino’s Must Restore Building and Sidewalk To “Pre-Barfwall” Status


Santino’s tear on Pacific Ave. is coming to an end. First they painted the sidewalk in front of their location with red and yellow squares to match their paint scheme. (Felony vandalism) Then the owner was busted for selling booze without a license and fined $2000. Then he hired a muralist to paint the side of the building with a mural without getting a permit (like everyone else), and told the muralist “Marioe” to paint the sidewalk and pay phones and electrical boxes and bus signs. (Also felony vandalism.) Also “Marioe” has so many un-permitted murals in Venice it is now considered advertising. The cops stopped the muralist one night and he dimed out the owner of Santino’s as the responsible party for painting all the City property ( which is crap but whatever ). The cops brought the matter to the city attorney and the city attorney landed on the building owner like a ton of bricks. Apparently the question about the sales of Santino’s “$100 hamburger” from the establishment which is code for buying drugs and not food was also brought up.
Wanting zero to do with the huge fines, other complaints about noise and criminal charges the building owner agreed to have the building restored to pre-Santino’s-disaster condition. The muralist was going to be arrested but when the cops showed up his unpermitted scissor lift was found abandoned and blocking the entire sidewalk at Pacific and Windward with his paint and supplies on it. He was gone because he fell off his unpermitted scissor lift and broke his leg while painting. The responsibility to fix the disaster was put on Santino’s owner – and it looks like they started last night.





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