UPDATE!!!! Step Up And Help The 4th Grade Kids At Walgrove Elementary Take A Field Trip

PDATE: Helping Walgrive Elementary just got easier! You can easily donate using GoFundMe here!

Ok here’s the deal… Walgrove Elementary is planning a trip for the 4th grade students to Sacramento to learn about California History and government. They need help and some $$$ to make this trip real. In a super-cool condition is this: either all the kids go, or nobody goes. (Pretty cool that nobody gets left out)  I don’t know about you, but I remember field trips when I was that age so clearly. Kids are kids, but they really do soak up so much and man if our State needs anything, it is more people in the future to take an interest in government and keeping California awesome.

SO… there are a few different ways to do this. You can just be amazing and flat out give them money… OR you can PARTICIPATE in their Holiday Boutique. There are a million different reasons to help make this happen, #1 being that it will make you a great person. If you cut a check, please put “Sacramento” in the notes line.

The kids need to raise $3,135 bucks so they all can go. Pitch in and help!

  • Walgrove Elementary
  • Address: 1630 Walgrove Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066
  • Phone:(310) 391-7104

About the trip:

Fourth Grade Field Trip to Sacramento

The purpose of the Sacramento field trip is to learn about California history and government first hand, have fun, and experience government as something more than just words in a textbook.

Early in the morning, students fly out of LAX to Sacramento. First, they tour the historic state Capitol building. Then, they meet Senator Lieu and Assemblyman Bradford who represent the Walgrove area in our state government. Both representatives have been very generous about answering our students’ questions.

After experiencing the contemporary side of Sacramento, students will explore Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park to learn about pioneer life in the 1840’s.

Finally, students will learn about the first people of our state when they visit the California Indian Museum.

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