Venice Boardwalk Loon Covered With Lice Encased In Hazmat Suit For Transport

Sometimes dealing with the often drunk or drugged riff-raff on Venice Beach poses a great health hazard to police and fire fighters. Needles, communicable diseases – all perks of the job when you have to get up close and personal while detaining, arresting or transporting someone to the hospital – or all three!
Today “Junior”, a boardwalk regular was mentally and physically swirling the bowl- and he was also so covered and infested with lice and bugs nobody could safely get near him. One of our experienced beach officers that has dealt with such bio-hazard issues before zipped him up in the appropriate hazmat suit so he could be transported to the hospital for quarantine and treatment. Had he not been, the police car or paramedic truck would have been put out of service for days while being decontaminated. All involved would also need quarantine treatment as well.
BUT – thanks to the hazmat suit Junior is now being de-bugged.
Enjoy the grassy areas and benches of Venice Beach Park!






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