Elected Decision Makers: PLEASE Move Homeless Shelter Line To Venice Blvd. Parking Lot. It Will Benefit EVERYONE.


The Winter Shelter is scheduled to begin Dec 2nd and once again Ocean Front Walk business owners, residents and tourists have been given the shaft once again as the pick-up and drop-off location is once again at Market and Ocean Front Walk.

How does this possibly make sense? HOW?!? This is a City/County program. We have already dealt with the issues of driving on the boardwalk and those buses not only move fast, they must maneuver through crowds and pedestrians. In addition, the homeless leave their “belongings” in line all day and it is a horrible blight. They fight and leave behind piles of trash. Our park makes significant income for The City through boardwalk film permits ALL YEAR… and the homeless shelter line of disaster has been a constant problem for permitted film shoots and permitted events in the park

WHY IS THE PICK UP AND DROP OFF NOT BY THE BATHROOMS IN THE VENICE BLVD. BEACH LOT? This is City property LEASED to the County. Both are facilitating this program. It is an area DESIGNED to be driven through, and the line would be near a bathroom facility, and away from endangering pedestrians on the boardwalk…not to mention giving the local business owners and tourists a break from the months of unsightly mess and fights.

PLEASE just change the pick-up and drop-off location. Just DO IT. This will not negatively impact the homeless in any way, but it will POSITIVELY impact our neighborhood and PARK.

What does a resident/business owner/tourist that pay to try and build quality of life down here have to do to have this horrible blight dealt with REASONABLY?


The safe and sensible pick up and drop off location. The bus can safely enter, not impede pedestrians, pick up along the west wall where there is plenty of orderly waiting room right next to a restroom.


The unnecessary, blightful and unsafe pickup and drop off location. Bus traffic impedes an entire pedestrian walkway. The homeless leave trash and fight all day in front of several OFW businesses. It looks horrible and unsafe to tourists.


Back in the day, when we didn’t tolerate the trash.




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