Someone Boost Your Snowboard? Maybe This Is It, And Maybe This Is The Crusty Perp Who Took It.


Anyone missing a snowboard? Please ask around. I have it if you are missing it. I found it tonight hidden by my electric meters after I came home. Then looked on my cameras and voile! – there he was! Another crustie with a HUGE backpack on a bicycle. Gee, that’s something new. I have him from two different DVRs trying to break into three separate buildings. So this morning between 9:15AM and 9:27AM, this lovely gentleman came into the carport, parked his blue bicycle and put down his huge shopping bag, then hid behind my electric meters for a moment. I was wondering what he was doing. I thought he was going to urinate or worse in the carport. He hid every time the trash trucks either came or went. Anyway, he darted out suddenly and returned with a snowboard. Was someone throwing this out? It is doubtful because it looks expensive. I have no idea what these things cost but I know they are not cheap. He tried to fit it into his huge bag but alas, no go. Here is a picture of the perp. He stopped to smoke a cigarette, realized he could not carry this huge snowboard, and gave up.



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