Showbiz, Vendors and Dirty Boardwalk Extortion

Oh society, with your rules and your laws and your permits. Our lovely City of Los Angeles owns Venice Beach Park. The Boardwalk, the grassy knolls, the recreation area… all of it – free to enjoy! BUT – film companies are allowed to get permits to film and it costs a pretty penny. Something our cash-poor City needs. So – there is this great municipal code which makes it AGAINST THE LAW to interfere with a permitted event on City Property, which means if you jerk with the film guys you go to jail. Well – not a lot of production people know that law, and a lot of cops don’t know it either since it isn’t something they run into all the time. Thus, the homeless that have annexed the territory along Ocean Front Walk and the vendors raise hell when they are told to move and get out of the filming area – demanding money for lost “wages “. Often the film companies just shell out money so they can get to filming – but not today. Several of the boardwalks finest extortionists tried their best to cry for money and LAPD had to call for additional units as they got combative. A bunch of cops showed up and gave the scrouge the boot. Free is great, until you realize you don’t hold any rights or title to the grass and cement you squat on every day. Score one for the industry.






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