Kitchen Worker Dead From Apparent Stabbing At Pacific & Washington

Just after midnight LAPD requested an ambulance for a male who was face down in the middle of Pacific Ave. in front of Starbucks near Washington. At first the man, who had apparently been holding a beer appeared drunk and was unconscious. Just before the ambulance arrived, he stopped breathing. When he was moved to administer CPR, it appeared the man had been stabbed. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The man was described as a kitchen worker from Mercedes Restaurant and had just recently gotten off work. As with many kitchen workers – the man appeared to have his own knives but it was unclear if he was stabbed with one of his knives. He also had a broken arm. Right when the man was discovered, two police calls had been made for a man in the alley at Anchorage and Buccaneer with a ski mask and a sledgehammer. That individual was not found.

I think Pacific Division has surpassed last years homicide numbers.






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