Late Night Robbery By Venice High School Locks Down School School For 3 Hours

Around midnight last night a robbery call came out near Venice High School for 2 male hispanics. LAPD arrived on scene and engaged the two in a foot pursuit. One suspect was taken into custody and a perimeter and airship was called to search for the other. K-9 units and outside assistance from local LAPD divisions also responded. A comprehensive search was conducted and while several were detained the second suspect is still outstanding. During the perimeter, officers holding the area near Zanja reported a vehicle with known gang members circling the area. The detained suspects cell phone was blowing up with messages from his “friends” who were trying to come pick him up. Fortunately LAPD was on hand to give him a ride to the slammer. Although local residents didn’t get much sleep, we all had a good time chatting it up on Twitter. Helps to know what the heck is going on when the LAPD airship is telling you to get in your house and turn your lights out.

Another great way to keep in touch with what is going on is the LAPD Pacific Division Facebook page! Here is the link to follow them!

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