Rash Of Burglaries – LAPD Wants You To NOT Be The Next Victim & Attend The Safety Summit

There were 25 Burglaries in Pacific Division last week.

There was a cluster in East Westchester, in the area around Alvern St, Glasgow Ave, and La Tijera Blvd. It appears that all the burglaries in this cluster occurred at locations with unlocked doors or windows. Help prevent burglaries by locking your windows and doors.

There were 2 burglaries last week in the West Westchester area around the area of Westchester High School. Last week officers made two separate arrests of burglary suspects who were loitering in the area on foot. If you see people who appear to be acting suspiciously and loitering in the area please contact 1-877-ASK-LAPD.

There was a third grouping of burglaries in the area North of Jefferson Blvd, South of Venice Blvd, West of Centinela Ave, and East of the Marina. These burglaries do not appear to be connected.

To learn more about becoming a hard target, protecting your property, and becoming more active in your community please attend the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce safety summit. The summit is in partnership with LAPD’s Pacific Division and will take place on November 16th at the Masonic Lodge located at 7726 W. Manchester Ave, 10am.



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