Deadly Santa Monica Airport Crash Investigation Yields No Answers, Tires Were Inflated After Landing, Systems Seemed Nominal

Tuesdays National Transportation Safety Board report says witnesses to the Sept. 29 accident observed the twin-engine Cessna 525A make a normal approach and landing after a flight from Hailey, Idaho.

The airplane traveled down the right side of the runway, eventually veered off to the right, hit a sign indicating 1,000 feet of runway remained and continued its right turn until it hit a hangar and burned. The hangar structure collapsed onto the jet almost immediately and the fire commenced immediately afterwards.

The report says there was no airplane debris on the runway and the three landing gear tires were inflated and had no unusual wear. All flight rules and the flight plan were adhered to.

Four people died in the crash. 63-year-old registered private jet pilot Mark Benjamin, of Malibu, 28-year-old Luke Benjamin, 53-year-old Kyla Dupont, of San Diego, and 28-year-old Lauren Winkler, of Irvine.



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