Car-To-Car Shootout At 600 Block Of Oakwood – LAPD Nabs Suspects At Culver & Inglewood.

UPDATE: The suspects detained in the vehicle were let go. LAPD determined they were not associated with the shooting.

Just after 10 pm multiple shots rang out in the area of 6th and Broadway in Oakwood. Calls poured in to LAPD who have been on high alert due to the recent rash of shootings in Oakwood and Mar Vista Gardens. Callers reported hearing two different types of guns (how sad is that), and sure enough casings from a 9mm handgun and a 380 magnum were found at the scene, but no victim. When calls come in for shots fired, law enforcement scramble units to all main gang areas. A description for a Chevy Impala with 2 male black occupants was put out from a witness. Minutes later LAPD had two male black occupants in a grey Malibu at gunpoint at Culver and Inglewood. The suspects were taken into custody… one was apparently a victim per the scanner, implying he had a possible gunshot wound. LAPD continuing to canvas local hospitals for other possible victims. Two nights ago there was a shooting just outside of Mar Vista Gardens. 20 minutes later victims with gunshot wounds showed up at both local hospitals.

More info when we get it.

Thanks to @pants04 for the photo of the airship over Oakwood!

Thanks to @pants04 for the photo of the airship over Oakwood!


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