Three Teenage Female Hispanics Rob Liquor Store Mid-Day, Get Into Foot Pursuit With LAPD

Around 2 p.m. today three teenage female hispanics entered a liquor store on Venice Blvd. across from Venice High School and robbed the joint, fleeing on foot with a bunch of booze in their hands. They ran into the alley and met up with a few male hispanics and all fled on foot. LAPD was on the scene quickly, saw the suspects and got into a foot pursuit with them. Several ran on to a local MTA 733 bus which was immediately stopped, and another female ran across the street into the front door of the high school. They had a great photo of the female that ran into the high school and were able to identify her. A perimeter was set up and an airship hovered overhead. The female that ran into the school and another on the MTA bus were arrested. Surely will dime out the others involved in the caper. Nice way to kick off a police record.



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