Clear Your Saturday 9 a.m. Schedule For LOCAL FUN! FREE Oct 5th Community Workout Party At Deuce Gym @ 9 a.m. (+BBQ!)

Ok look… Venice is full of badasses but I am telling you the folks at Deuce Gym, located on the corner of Commonwealth and Lincoln across from Whole Foods are seriously the coolest group when it comes to promoting health and fun in our hood. This Saturday at 9 a.m. there is a FREE community workout and the goal is to get just shy of 1 million people to attend. Ok… maybe quite a bit shy of 1 million people but just like Deuce you need to set GOALS! Free, fun and the whole point is to bring the community together to have a good time, bust a sweat and then fire up the BBQ and chow down.

And that’s not all!

Monday Oct 9th they have a “Make Sh*t Happen” goal setting event at 8 p.m.

Saturday Oct 12th they have a “Crush Cancer” event in downtown Culver City


Their BIG Grand Opening party is Saturday Oct 19th. 2 p.m. til dark. LIVE music, food, fun!

GO! They are ultra cool and before you know it you will be crushing pumpkins between your thighs and cracking walnuts with your pinky finger! DAMN!

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