Stabbing – Shooting Leaves Man Dead At La Villa Marina Apt. Complex

LAPD responded to the 4700 block of La Villa Marina around 8 p.m. tonight, first for a call about a stabbing… and a few minutes later for a call just a few doors down for a shooting. Apparently there was some kind of scuffle in an apartment that resulted in a stabbing. Then a suspect with a knife believed to be related to the stabbing call tried to make entry to an apartment several doors down with the knife in his hand. The homeowner, who was moving out at the time and had a moving truck just outside shot the suspect in the chest as he tried to enter the apartment – and he died at the scene.

I stopped by to get some info and a self proclaimed homeless man rode by on a bike and asked the news crews if we wanted information. He proceeded to say that he knew the guy that was shot. His name was “Hunter” and he was a tweaker… and he was “friends” with the man who shot him. They had done drugs at the location where he was shot often. He said the apartment complex was riddled with drug use that feeds the “swamp people” ( the homeless that live in the marshy area by the 90 fwy ). He stated the location was a drug location, a sentiment that was echoed by some of the other residents that were gathered outside. Word was there were several people in custody by the location where the stabbing occurred. No word yet if the man who shot the reported intruder is being charged with anything yet. This story is still developing.



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