Armed Men Rob Tourists At SameSun Hostel – Get In Fight On Boardwalk

UPDATE: The first man taken into custody was released as none of the victims could ID him ad being part of the crime, and the second suspect eluded the perimeter. No suspects are in custody. The firearm and much evidence was dumped however and LAPD detectives do have a lot of info to follow up with.

Unfortunately tourists are a popular target for robbers. They typically do not make reports and travel to their home country and do not return to court to testify against the suspects.

Late Tuesday night two armed men robbed a group of tourists at the SameSun Hostel above Danny’s on Windward. They stole money, passports, cell phones and credit cards and fled down Ocean Front Walk. At Market St they got into a fight and LAPD was summoned for both incidents. When officers arrived they took one suspect at gunpoint, but the other refused to comply and kept walking. Unable to leave the one suspect officers called for backup and a perimeter was set. K9 was also called. K9 found discarded cell phones and a gun across two driveways on Horizon and a trail of other items along the path that the suspect fled. Right now he is still hiding but LAPD believes he is still in the perimeter.







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