Dump + Run Arrested On Indiana / Rifleman Arrested On Youngworth After All Night Perimeter

It was a busy night for LAPD. Officers were patrolling Oakwood when they saw a vehicle scoot into the alley at the 900 block of Indiana. They pulled into the alley and the guy bailed out of the vehicle and ran. Ignition didn’t look punched and it didn’t come back as stolen. An airship was called and officers directed it to the area where the guy ran. Turns out he ran into an area surrounded by barb wire fencing. He tried to hide under a car but the airship could see his heat pattern. He was arrested after cops told him the jig is up. No word on why he ran.

A short time later a citizen called LAPD after hearing and witnessing a man firing a rifle inside his residence in the area of 11320 Youngworth. LAPD showed up to the scene where they also saw the man fire the rifle inside the residence. They set up a perimeter and pulled two people out of the location and took the man into custody. They then learned there were more people inside. They called out for them to exit and I couldn’t tell exactly what happened after that, all I know is the perimeter lasted until 7:30 a.m. and may still be going. Not sure if it was a suspect inside the residence issue, or if there were items in the house that created a public safety hazard. Will know more later today!

Person discharging firearm inside residence on Youngworth

Person discharging firearm inside residence on Youngworth


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