Your Stolen Bike Probably Sold In One Hour For $20

Great news Venice! Many of you read and commented on my plea to Councilman Bonin and Mayor Garcetti to address the drug problem at Venice Beach. Well, living in tweakerland is part of what fuels our immense bike theft problem. And the terrible part is that it isn’t an organized ring making big money off stealing bikes… that part is farther down the line.

The person more than likely that is the initial thief is a tweaker junkie looking for $20 just to get that next fix. So it is less about a bike – and more about a drug fueled crime. That being said – anything that can be stolen and sold in a jiffy for a fix will do – and unsuspecting tourist areas like Venice make people easy targets. So, if you live here – you have been warned. Don’t be a dummy – lock your stuff up good!



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