New LAPD Pacific Command Staff Starts Today – We Lose Extra Beach Patrol

Yesterday was an active day for Venice Beach neighborhood politics. Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Mike Bonin did a “walking tour” of Oakwood. It was advertised inviting the neighborhood to walk with the Mayor. People were assigned to groups and the mayor wanted them to fill out papers voicing their concerns on what they wanted for the neoghborhood. The bait and switch seemed to be that the citizens who showed up were then handed trash bags and asked to clean up, while the Mayor, Councilman Bonin and associated PR cameramen visited neighbors. Apparently the VNC’s “secret neighborhood project” to clean up instead of having facetime with our elected officials wasn’t very clearly advertised. Big surprise. More details at The Triangle Update blog.

While this was happening, LAPD was having their “Open House” pancake breakfast fundraiser which was a huge success. It was packed and they had to restock the pancake batter three times after running out of the projected stock. That’s great news and a great fundraising effort for the department. SWAT and the Underwater Dive Unit vehicles and personnel were on hand showing off how they do what they do, and Riddick the bomb sniffing dog. Right after that event, a special dedication ceremony was held honoring the 40th Anniversary of when LAPD moved their headquarters from Venice Blvd to the Culver facility they are in now. Several special citizens were honored, as well as a new mural inside the station naming all the officers that have served at Pacific Division, as well as the new beautification of the front of the station which includes stone sculptures honoring fallen officers, and community member tiles of individuals and businesses that support LAPD Pacific.

Commander Jon Peters, our former Captain was on hand wearing his new lapel stars, his last official day at Pacific. He received a special honorary plaque from Captain Davalos and Lt. Crew. Captain Brian Johnson was on hand also, after walking with Mayor Garcetti and Councilman Bonin. Captain Johnson and Captain Davalos officially begin today in their new roles at Pacific. Captain Johnson is our Division Captain, and Captain Davalos in in charge of patrol.

Captain Johnson has great experience with our neighborhood, having served as patrol Captain not long ago. He met with community members and he is eager to take on the many issues facing Pacific Division to reduce crime and make our area safer. He also has a twitter account you should follow @lapdna218

Finally, with the new LAPD deployment period beginning today, we also lose our extra Summer beach deployment of officers. Wah ๐Ÿ™


Pacific Patrol Captain Vic Davalos, Commander Jon Peters and Lt. Dave Crew.

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