2 Male Blacks With A Gun Rob Citizens Of Cell Phones / Wallet On Market St – If You Don’t Like It SPEAK UP!

At 8:41 p.m. on Monday night 2 male blacks in their late teens – early 20’s armed with a handgun robbed a citizen walking on the 300 block of Market St. Cell phones and a wallet were taken. Lately this has been a daily occurrence by perpetrators with and without weapons. Hours later one of the devices popped up at a known location of a known felon with arrests for stolen property where MANY stolen electronic devices have wound up – in Oakwood.

If you would like to walk around your neighborhood, or walk your dog… or to get something to eat without the fear of having a gun stuck in your face by a NEIGHBOR that lives in Oakwood that wants to steal your electronics and has been preying on the community for months… DO SOMETHING. LAPD is a “response driven” organization… they don’t do something until someone says there is a problem or a concern.

Contact your Senior Lead Officer and raise these and other issues that concern you. DON’T assume someone ELSE will do it for you.

Coordinator: Sergeant Merlo – Cell Phone # (310) 482-6334

Basic Car 14A11 Venice Beach District
Senior Lead Officer Peggy Thusing – 310-622-3968  25120@lapd.lacity.org

Basic Car 14A13 Oakwood District
Senior Lead Officer Kristin Delatori – Phone # 310-322-6370 32914@lapd.lacity.org

Basic Car 14A25 Mar Vista District
Senior Lead Officer Marci Garcia – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3973

Basic Car 14A27 Palms District
Senior Lead Officer Juan Ceja – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3975

Basic Car 14A45 Marina District
Senior Lead Officer Gregg Jacobus – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3971

Basic Car 14A49 Mar Vista District
Senior Lead Officer Drake Madison – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3972

Basic Car 14A67 Century Corridor
Senior Lead Officer Ruben Garcia – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3976

Basic Car 14A73 Westchester District
Senior Lead Officer Tony Ramos – Cell Phone # (310) 622-3978

– See more at: http://venice311.org/category/police-senior-lead-officers-pacific-division-lapd/#sthash.ew0fnSgo.dpuf


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