Broad Daylight Bike Thief Update – Suspected Locals Say “Sorry” + $200

The other day we reported a homeowner who was getting an expensive portable A/C unit out of storage, set it in his driveway while retrieving associated tubes and such when a young female with blonde hair in her 20’s and a male with a goatee in his 40’s-50’s approached on bikes, and stole the unit. The homeowner ran after them and while balancing the awkward unit on his shoulder on the bike, the thief was startled, dropped the $850 unit on the ground smashing it into pieces. Although the homeowner was right there yelling at them, they fled like cowards.

We received MANY emails from people who recognized the pair, stating they were locals from the area. Apparently word got to the pair, who approached the home, contacted the owner and offered $200 and an “I’m sorry”. The younger female dropped off a money order – but did not meet the contact to hand it to them directly at the property. They snuck around and slid the money order under the door. Not quite close to covering the cost of the crime, although a nice gesture. LAPD would still like to talk to the pair to clear up the incident.

Just ANOTHER reason why scavenging is illegal. You should NOT GO ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. Just because something is outside, doesn’t mean it is free for the taking.



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