Brazen Robberies And Assaults As Holiday Weekend Starts

While Venice typically sees its share of enthusiastic drunken holiday visitors that get into fights or cause mayhem during our busy holiday weekends, Saturday our neighborhood was the target of several aggressive crimes.

Around 2 p.m. in broad daylight a male and female on bikes rode up to a home near Market and Main and attempted to steal an expensive mobile room air conditioning unit the homeowner was in the process of installing. The male tried to ride away with the somewhat large, heavy unit in his arms on the bike, and when the homeowner chased after them he lost his balance… dropping and destroying the unit and fleeing with the female.

1 hour later a homeowner on OFW had his car broken into that was parked on private property in a parking space behind the home. He heard the car door shut, looked out the window so see the burglar opening another door and removing items from inside the car. He yelled and the suspect got into a vehicle and left.. pretty amazing for burglars to go residence to residence in a car in broad daylight to commit burglaries.

Just after midnight, a male black in a ski mask entered a residence at the 100 block of Dudley Ave and stole two iPhones at a scene where there was a party. He did not have a weapon, just used force and fled on a bike.

In addition to those crimes, there were four deaths, three were reported with suspicious circumstances requiring supervisors to respond. While people die every day, it did seem unusual to have so many police callouts to scenes for death investigations all in one day.

There were several other cell phone thefts, home burglaries, assaults, attempted sexual assault and grand theft autos. Another burglary resulted in the arrest of two as they propped up a ladder to a residence and tried to enter the 2nd story of the home also in broad daylight. Remember, criminals look for any opportunity – an open window, screen door… anything. They expect you to be distracted during the holidays.


Pair that stole, then destroyed air conditioning unit, then fled on bikes after being caught.

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