Stolen Car Pursuit Ends Through The Wall At ProFit On Lincoln In Venice

Today a stolen truck was spotted in the Wilshire Division with the driver in the truck and LAPD was alerted. When they approached the truck, the driver, a male black or hispanic in what looked to be his late 40’s took off and led officers in a pursuit. The white Ford F250 pickup was full of stuff, and the driver hit a total of 5 cars as he wound his way towards Venice. He was headed down Palms Blvd for a large stretch of the pursuit, when he tried to turn down an alley behind the 7-11 at Lincoln and California. He smashed into a blue pickup truck sending that driver to the hospital, then lost control and smashed the truck into the side of P-Fit gym. Luckily nobody was in the employee bathroom of ProFit as they would have been seriously injured. The driver foot bailed but LAPD took him into custody quickly. After sitting cuffed in the patrol car and being checked by 2 paramedics, he complained of serious rib pain and was taken to the hospital to be checked before being booked into the SLAMMER!

(The gym was incorrectly initially reported as ProFit gym. The P-Fit folks were very helpful!)


Stolen truck crashed into wall at ProFit Gym by 7-11 on Lincoln.


Stolen car suspect that led LAPD in multi-division pursuit and foot pursuit.


The stolen truck was full of debris which flew everywhere after it crashed.


This truck was struck by the stolen car driver sending the driver to the hospital.


Suspect complained of rib pain, so he was taken for a medical evaluation. Two paramedics did a thorough exam but he still complained. He will still go to jail.


Inside the employee bathroom at ProFit gym where the stolen truck crashed.

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