Thrice Is The Number Of Windows Left Open, And The Number Of Resulting Hot Prowls Was Three

Driftwood. Eastwind. 7th Ave. All hit yesterday by hot prowl burglars. The three that hit the residence on 7th Ave got away with laptops, a purse, lots of really expensive stuff. One more time for those sitting in the back – if you leave your windows open, doors unlocked, or things visible in your car or through windows – your chances of getting robbed go up IMMENSELY. So… unless you want a visit from LAPD at 4 a.m. because you were woken up by some dude/gal in YOUR residence stealing your stuff…and spending the next few days trolling Craigslist to find it… lock your damn doors and windows already. $30 at Home Depot and you can buy some cheapie motion detectors that will sound an alarm when someone comes through your open unlocked window if that is the way you want to play it.



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