Venice Ranks #4 out of LA’s Top 5 Surliest Hoods by @LAWeekly. #MiddleChildSyndrome

5. Silverlake
4. Venice
3. Watts
2. Koreatown
1. S’Pedro

The article, by the effervescent Dennis Romero starts off with “We all know you think your neighborhood is the best, especially if you live in one of the hipster zones such as Venice’s Abbot Kinney area.” Venice is described as:

“4. Venice. We’re not talking about the pinkies-in-the-air, espresso-sipping scene of Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Rather, we’re speaking of the old-school Venice, largely in the Oakwood neighborhood but even outside of it.

We’re talking about the Venice Breakwater Locals (VBWL) surf clique, gangster white-boy skaters, bikers and cholos with pit bulls. The place is just waiting for a fight.”

Nailed it D. Read all about it here.


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