A Call To @MikeBonin And @EricGarcetti: DO Something About Drugs And Violence At Venice Beach

Here is his face. The face of the man who parked, exited his car, deliberated… then decided to drive his vehicle through the sunlit Saturday evening crowds on the Venice Beach boardwalk, killing a newlywed female tourist and injuring 12 others. Vendors. Visitors. Children.

There are unconfirmed rumors that Mr. Campbell sought revenge for a meth deal gone bad. While this “word on the street” rumor could reflect the worst of the internet and could be mere speculation… if there is even a hint of truth to this – there should be hell to pay.

While the newly appointed CD11 Councilman Mike Bonin and new Mayor Eric Garcetti vowed immediate attention to our LONG complained about lack of signage and rampant motorists driving on the easily accessible boardwalk, and down the wrong way on speedway… IF there is any merit to the meth claim I DARE THEM to continue to overlook how Venice Beach has become the destination in Los Angeles for recreational drug sales and supplies. It is a CITY PARK and a major tourist attraction. What Venice Beach has developed into over the past five years is an epicenter for medical marijuana and meth, and our LAPD is staffed such that we barely keep the lid from boiling off the pot.

If you have a twitter tool that can produce a timeline of all mentions of “Venice Beach”, you will see a litany of daily posts professing people who are coming here to get high, buy weed and pick up paraphernalia. It is a FACT that weed and drugs are what Venice Beach is known for now. If you visit ANY ONE of our bathrooms you will find needles, broken meth pipes and scads of bodies sleeping off their freshly obtained high in the bathrooms on the lawns nearby. There are daily calls for overdoses all along the boardwalk, and two weeks ago one mans dead body was found 10 feet from a bathroom stall where he had just shot heroin. I personally stood by a meth head that eluded LAPD all day – waiting for LAPD to arrive and arrest him. He was finally arrested on someones property after rearranging all the deck furniture and adding some from a neighbors house. He was found with a meth pipe. A neighbor said she saw him at the local liquor store two days later.

The “Dr’s” offices are in improperly zoned buildings, they are a menace to area businesses, and ONE in FIVE shops on the boardwalk sell bongs and drug paraphernalia. There are never fewer of these types of shops, only more. Residents complain and complain but not one council or parks meeting EVER results in anything other than time absorption.

PLEASE, to our newly elected officials and the empty shells that populate our neighborhood council – start recognizing that our City Park has a major sports recreation area, children’s playgrounds and is a destination for families, filming, major events and the 40,000 people who LIVE HERE. ENACT land use and enforce zoning rules that do not let the drug trade infect our area with zombie-like homeless who exist off petty crime to support their drug habit which is sustained at Venice Beach. And this isn’t and LAPD issue. There are far more drug users, dealers and homeless on Venice Beach that have made being adept to LAPD patrols and patterns part of their lookout operations. Their numbers speak to their power over law enforcement. It is a low-key cancer on our neighborhood, and when it rears its head, a death is usually associated with it.

Barricades have been proposed for years, as has the attention to our lack of street signs which dwindle after they are hit in traffic collisions and are never replaced. The prior City Councilman and his staff ignored it and now someone has been killed. Now you want to act? Well, lets look at the KILLER. Look at his motivation. Don’t just pay attention to the fact that he drove AROUND a street that already had barricades by going on the sidewalk… if he was a METH HEAD … connect the dots on THAT and take action within two weeks on THAT issue. Or maybe your new barricades will just pen all the meth-heads and heroin junkies into one area until something even worse happens to a family, or some children.

Nathan Louis Campbell, suspect in the deadly hit and run on the Venice boardwalk Saturday. One person was killed and 12 injured.

Nathan Louis Campbell, suspect in the deadly hit and run on the Venice boardwalk Saturday. One person was killed and 12 injured.


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