1 Dead: Hit And Run Driver Plows Through Ocean Front Walk Crowd At Venice Beach

UNCONFIRMED reports coming in that Nathan Campbell had an address listed at a halfway house in Hollywood called “Covenant House”. He is not currently listed as living there or as being currently enrolled in their program.

NEW UPDATE: SUSPECT CONFIRMED AS NATHAN CAMPBELL – 38 -, BEING HELD ON 1 MILLION DOLLARS BAIL. Word is he is from the area, is now described as a transient that originated from Colorado.

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The LAPD Command post was cleared around 9:00 a.m. this morning. A few news trucks were still scattered in the area. The yearly, very large Hare Krishna parade passed through around 11:00 a.m. as scheduled. They stopped at Dudley, the scene of the crime… and had a moment of silence.

This video from LiveLeak shows the suspect pulling up, parking. Getting out of the car and walking to the boardwalk area that he would later drive into… coming back, and taking what seems to be some time deliberating before driving into the crowd, killing a newlywed female and injuring many others.

Earlier posts: LAPD Command Post STILL up on Sunset and Ocean Front Walk. Area STILL considered a crime scene. LAPD officers have pulled an insane shift dealing with this nightmare. Right now there is NO WAY the major Hare Krishna parade with floats can go down the boardwalk, am on way to command post to see what they are going to do.

The man who is responsible for the hit and run massacre that left one female tourist on her honeymoon dead turned himself in to Santa Monica police 1 hour after the incident. He has been booked by LAPD and ix expected to be charged tomorrow on multiple counts. His name has not been officially released. Video shows him INTENTIONALLY driving into the crowd and hitting people. Driver then stopped along escape route on Paloma and removed evidence from his car before ditching it in Santa Monica.

Vehicle found between Hollister and Ocean Park on Beverly Ave in Santa Monica. Suspect detained and being interviewed.

Here is a video of a video of the guy INTENTIONALLY mowing people down. Incredible! Thanks to http://instagram.com/busblog

Twitter buddy Justin sent us this gem… its the CAR! Located between Hollister and Ocean Park on Beverly Ave. in Santa Monica.

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A driver described as a male white with blonde hair plowed through a crowd on the packed Venice Beach Boardwalk today critically injuring two, and causing severe injuries to 9 others. The driver drove onto Ocean Front Walk, which is ONLY a pedestrian walkway from Dudley Ave, left a trail of carnage hitting pedestrians and vendor tables before turning left on to Sunset and going through the parking lot. He then drove the WRONG WAY down Speedway to Paloma Ct. , drove down Paloma Ct. and stopped to remove items from on top of the vehicle from his rampage…luckily right in front of a camera that caught everything… and then proceeded down Paloma to Pacific where he fled north towards Santa Monica.

The entire area is still taped off and will be for hours as a specialized LAPD unit takes over the area and does a complete assessment of the crime scene.

At this moment, word is after looking at MANY vehicles, LAPD has found the vehicle in Santa Monica. A special bomb squad unit is on way with K-9 as this car is being treated with very special attention.


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