$200,000 Mercedes SLS Driven Away By Fake Valet on Abbot Kinney – Suspect In Custody!

UPDATE! Here is our audio of the event from the beginning when the GTA went down from Feed Restaurant on Abbot Kinney. NBC called us today and asked ( as they often do ) if they could use our recorded police scanner audio for their newscast of the story. The suspect was on a bike and saw that a valet pulled up and left the pricey Mercedes, which belongs to the owner of Feed running in front of the eatery. The thief jumped in and sped off. LAPD was on the scene in minutes and the owner activated his “OnStar” type recovery system. The rest as noted in the LAPD release below… is history. Car recovered, suspect in custody! Ballsy for a 20 yr old… ( or anyone for that fact…). Another crime of opportunity in Venice!

Stolen $200K Mercedes, None the Worse for Wear #LAPD

$200K Mercedes, None the Worse for Wear

Los Angeles.  Patrol officers found a stolen Mercedes Benz SL5 in the Arleta area yesterday, July 30, about three hours after it had been taken from a valet service at a Venice restaurant on Abbot Kinney Drive.  The suspected car thief was arrested after he tried to evade officers and entered a house, donned the resident’s clothes, and tried to feign involvement.

Officers booked Dylan Coffey, 20, for burglary for entering the house in the 13500 block of Reedly Street.

“Now we’ll piece together Coffey’s involvement in the taking of the car,” said Lt. Paul Vernon, commanding officer of the Mission Detective Division.  “Between video at the VFW hall where he left the car, video at the restaurant, and the bicycle left behind in Venice, it will be hard for him to deny his connection to the stolen car.”

The car was taken during the lunch hour by a man who entered it without permission when a valet left it running for the owner.  It was reported stolen immediately and the OnStar system was activated.  Patrol officers from the Van Nuys Area picked up the ping around 3 PM and tracked the car to Arleta, near the VFW hall at Crowley and Astoria Streets.

Officers watched the empty car for a while, then saw Coffey approach it.  “Something spooked him and he went into the VFW hall where detectives entered,” Lt. Vernon explained.  Coffey left the hall then jumped a fence into a residential area to avoid the police.  He entered a home and dressed in the owner’s clothes, then hid under a woodpile.

Police arrested Coffey and recovered the Mercedes.  “The owner was happy to hear her car was found, none the worse for wear, and we promised her we wouldn’t dirty the interior with print dust,” Vernon added.

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Original Post from time of crime broadcast:

Today someone with a *very* fancy car apparently handed their keys to a male white in a white shirt, khaki shorts and a black hat possibly thinking they were a valet. The guy took the keys and drove off. Luckily the establishment had video and the owner called the cops right away. They located the vehicle about two hours later from the “OnStar” type technology in the car and found it in Van Nuys. They sat on it, and sure enough the perp happily came along to get back in the vehicle to continue his joy ride. LAPD pursued and he bailed out and ran into an apartment complex. They set up a perimeter and he was taken into custody.



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