DawnRacer “Keep Summer Clean” – YOUR Chance To REALLY Do Something Cool In Venice

Look – for all the people that claim Venice as “their” neighborhood – actually rolling up your shirt sleeves and doing what needs to be done to make our neighborhood cleaner is nothing but lip service from most. Well, there is a new initiative from DawnRacer that hopes to get you involved to really, yes REALLY keep Venice clean. Our City is broke, we live in a tourist town with many absentee owners with investment property – and people think “someone else will take care of it” when it comes to keeping OUR neighborhood, which is YOUR neighborhood clean. There are SEVERAL initiatives you can get behind to show your pledge of support… and my favorite is the “Can Minder” program to “Keep Summer Clean”. This is a NEW initiative so don’t feel all isolated if you click on a page and there are no program backers yet… jump on in and put your action where your heart is, if your heart is really in keeping Venice beautiful. An effort to connect individuals to their community in a super positive way.

Click here to check out all the options. We are hitting the pavement with DawnRacer to hand doortags and get the word out. If you want to sponsor a can or get involved… join on in! We have a blast cleaning up graffiti and pickup up trash, calling stuff in. Its a pretty amazing view each week into our beloved neighborhood. Join the party! The cool doortags have seeds! So when you are done being inspired by this awesome program, you can plant the doortag and something will grow! Let’s do it! These folks get it and are great!



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