Burglaries and Gunshots in Oakwood Area – Two Arrested

Back-to-back burglaries with back-to-back arrests went down at around 1:20 a.m. – the first call was at the 600 block of Westminster which has been an area hit hard by burglaries. Right after the first was reported LAPD saw a suspect running through the houses. He was detained and take into custody just as the airship showed up. Then on the 12000 block of Pacific Ave. another call came in, and another suspect was detained and arrested.
Early in the evening there were shots fired from a 9mm in the area of 700 Westminster, then again at around 3:40 a.m by Abbot Kinney and San Juan. In both instances the shots were fired from a vehicle. First incident shots were fired at a pedestrian, in the second it was shots fired car to car.

Thanks to Artia for the images via Vine!


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