Airship Tries, But LAPD Patrol With LoJack Hunts Down Stolen Vehicle

Officer Niebergall and his partner hunt down the elusive stolen car.

Officer Niebergall and his partner hunt down the elusive stolen car.

LAPD airships are equipped with LoJack detectors that let them know when they fly over a stolen car. This is a huge asset to law enforcement in finding stolen vehicles, and today around 4 as the airship flew over Venice, they got a hit. Airships are equipped with fantastic technology… but today after flying over the area for half an hour, and repeating in a grid the airship couldn’t find the bogey. In an unusual reverse… the eyes from above were not at an advantage and they needed and experienced patrol unit equipped with a LoJack locator.

The airship put out the request, and although far up on “the hill” by Manchester and Lincoln – Officer Niebergall and his partner knew they could find the elusive car. With the airship still overhead, they hit the area and although they got a strong signal, it takes experienced boots on the ground to spot the vehicle make, model and plate – as often times the plates are swapped. Hidden behind an apartment building in an alley out of view of the airship, the car which was stolen out of Central Division was ditched… and Neibergall spotted it. BAM! Safely parked, with no exterior damage thanks to these officers and some fancy technology this victim will get their car back! Not a great experience for the victim, but a great ending!

Remember, we may live in a tourist town, but if you see unusual vehicles parked in your apartment building area you can always safely and anonymously report it via crime stoppers by clicking here!


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