Bogus “Officer Needs Help” Call Broadcast During Zimmerman Protests

At 8:45 p.m. when LAPD motor officers began taking bottles from an unruly crowd on Crenshaw during the Zimmerman verdict protests… a broadcast came over the radio that every officer fears: OFFICER NEEDS HELP. The voice, broadcast over the radio seemed in distress… and the frequency was immediately put on hold, per protocol – to assess the location and condition of the officer so responding units could render aid. The incident commander held the frequency and demanded the officer to give his location. The suspect “officer” mumbled “Crenshaw”… and it dropped off.

After reviewing the recordings, available below… just before the help call someone blows into a microphone… as if they are testing it before broadcast. Something officers never do. Officers say “Radio Check”. This “blowing” happens just before the bogus help call. The Incident Commander and Communications Operators look for the ID of the officer radio, which they ALL HAVE, and it was determined to be radio #1… not and LAPD radio ID. It was quickly determined to be a prank call, and response was clipped. A very dangerous prank to pull when LAPD is taking bottles and trying to manage a protest.

A few weeks ago in Venice during a police stop, officers noticed what looked like an undercover gold Crown Victoria car loitering in the area. LAPD Pacific Division stopped the car. There were two 20ish males inside the car with LAPD rovers that had the capability to broadcast. When questioned about these radios, the kid said he worked for the company that repairs them, which is bullshit. LAPD does all of their own maintenance and repair on their equipment. He also had uniforms, badges and when pressed said he “helps in situations”. Officers NEVER allow anyone but fellow officers to “help” for obvious reasons. This clown was identified, and I have a feeling LAPD may be paying that asshole a visit this week.

Whoever made this bogus call compromised a serious operation and put people in danger.



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