Hot Prowl Party At YOUR House – Free Stuff! (6 in 2 Days – Hello! Lock Your Sh!t)

See the guy in the police car below? No, you can’t see him because he decided to take a nap once in handcuffs and tossed in the patrol car. Why did he take a nap? Well, he had a fresh shower and made some breakfast… in someones house. Not his house.

In the past two days in Venice there have been 6 hot prowl burglaries that we know of. If you don’t know what a hot prowl is, that is when YOU are home… and someone goes into your house to steal your stuff/do what they want while you are asleep. Their intent is to go undetected… but when you are on a meth bender sometimes you forget to not do stuff like take a shower, cook and make noise. In the cases in Oakwood, almost all the targeted homes had NOTHING but Apple products stolen. Thieves came in through OPEN windows with screens. If you want that cool breeze at night, I suggest you invest in a fan.

Remember – some methed out weirdo does not care if you are home, they just need a way in. Don’t give them one.



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