Burglars Clean Out Apt While Residents Sleep. Can’t Happen To You? Don’t Leave That Window Open…


Got this unfortunate message from a twitter follower this morning – where residents woke up to find their belongings stolen while they slept. The thieves entered by cutting the screen on an open, accessible window. Middle of July, warm night… perfect night to sleep with the windows open. Most of us don’t suspect that someone would be so bold as to break in at night while sleeping… but this is Los Angeles and it happens all the time. One stroll down the boardwalk will open you to a window of crack addicts and meth smokers who would steal a used postage stamp if it could possibly get them high. They have a “nothing to lose” mentality. BUT – there are plenty of non-drugged out burglars that are willing to steal your stuff too… they just need the OPPORTUNITY…. like an open window.

In two minutes a burglar can steal your purse with your car keys, house keys and wallet, and drive away.

And the followup….

I wouldn't think it would happen either...

I wouldn’t think it would happen either…

A SIMPLE and inexpensive product under $20 at home depot is this wireless, battery powered motion detecting strobe light. Even if you have a cat that might set this off… the point is it may scare away a burglar inside your home and that is what you want. Easy to install – cheap cheap and it is better that waking up to an empty apartment.

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