Venice Gets Trashed – Your Help Is As Easy As An Email!


UPDATE: Just got word from a neighbor on the street… the alley is clean! High Five!

This is the scene in the alley near 6th and Flower. It grows daily, with shopping carts… a scene that is replicated in alleys all over Venice. While you may think that “someone” will clean it up… they won’t. Not unless it is reported. The other challenge is that it is the property owners responsibility to keep the area clean, which most do. But, when oversize trash and of course even regular trash is put outside, the homeless and scavengers pick through it and create a giant mess. It is so bad, that homeowners can’t reasonably manage the problem as it happens all day long. What can you do? Make a report!

Lazy option: send an email to with the location and a photo if possible. We’ll make the report and get it picked up, and try to follow up if possible.

Smartphone option: Download the City of LA 311 App and easily make reports yourself ( hand type in the address though, the auto-map feature kind of sucks ).

Make a service request online: It’s easy! Click here!

Bulky item pickup can be hit and miss… sometimes you have to make a few reports….but don’t give up… the photo above shows what can pile up in just a few days. Help us keep Venice clean!


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