Tattoo Faced Meth Maniac Sighted Prowling Canals, Burglarizing From Yards – In LAPD Custody! [VIDEO]

UPDATE: This guy is out of jail and around Windward and the Canals on a blue bike. Methed up like crazy. Steals and is confrontational. Be on the lookout.

All day long calls have been coming out for a male white, tattoo’s on face, feathers in hair – prowling properties and stealing stuff from yards. The Pacific Division command staff was even looking for him in the canals, which can be difficult for police to patrol. Around 4 p.m. a call came out for a man fitting the same description who stole something from a shop on Abbot Kinney. Finally, all officers in the area were made aware of this man who was wanted in connection with several burglaries. We tweeted it, and right away people in the canals tweeted back that he was at Carrol Canal and Dell. I zipped over, sat with eyes on him and called the cops.

When LAPD showed up he was immediately combative. They cuffed and frisked him and came up with a nice big meth pipe. He kicked it when cops set it on the ground. Looks like he had a ring thought to be stolen also. At least from the song he started singing… he knew where he was going.


Nice big ol meth pipe.



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