Venice Beach Lifeguards Save Drowned (drunk) Man + 3 Swimmers. Male Resuscitated At Scene

Today two of our finest Venice Beach Lifeguards Tito Bourget and Chad Carvin (Olympic Medalist) rescued 4 people pulled out by a rip current just north of Venice Pier. One man, a 32 yr old male hispanic was drowned when pulled to shore and was successfully resuscitated on shore by lifeguards. He was transported to the hospital. The other three were pulled to safety by hanging on to a single lifeguard ( ! ).

The two lifeguards were met on the beach by a team of additional trained LA County Lifeguards under the watchful supervision and direction of Captain Danny Douglas. They assisted in the resuscitation with specialized equipment designed to handle the various complex, life threatening emergencies that can happen in the ocean. Being trained to evaluate a subjects condition and determine if a drowning may be alcohol related, or do to another medical emergency such as a heart attack can make the difference in critical decisions made to save the persons life, and the Venice Beach crew is well trained to handle these emergencies. The patient was transported to LA City Fire paramedic 69’s  vehicle and taken to UCLA Medical Center where he is expected to fully recover. Our great Venice Beach lifeguards then went right back to their posts!

The fantastic part of this story is that the male who was drowned when approached in the rip current initially by lifeguards was revived and should be o.k. The BAD news is that he had been drinking. There is a very important reason why you can not drink at the beach. It reduces your strength, responsiveness, and motor skills. You tire quickly and are easily disoriented. With the July 4th holiday coming up – please drink and play at the beach responsibly! Our lifeguards will have many people to keep safe!



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