Female Daytime Burglary Suspect Melts Down When Confronted By People She Was Peeping


My across the street neighbor sent me some photos this a.m. of a female transient that was peeping inside their windows. It all went down just after 9 a.m. – a favorited time for burglars as most people have left to go to work for the day. I heard the call come out on the police scanner, but by the time the cops arrived, she had fled. BUT – the photos and video tell the story… that is WHY you should not only lock everything, but close your drapes so people can’t snoop your goods when you aren’t home!
Yuppies is so…. 80’s. Anyway… yuppies may throw flat screens away for the new 4k TV’s, but they don’t throw shiny new red bikes in the trash. Recognize?

Thanks to Y.B. for the camera handywork and the report!




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