Google Protesters “Watched” Google Being Closed On A Saturday

A group of Venice activists protested in front of Google today. They invited people to bring their binoculars in protest of major corporations being complicit with the recent NSA spying probe. (Google complied with a Federal Court order).

With their binoculars their motto was “We’re watching you”, which turned into “We’re watching you not be here because it is Saturday”. There were a handful of people present, whom all seemed to be part of the protest… with one in dissent engaging what seemed like a very uncomfortable protester in a war of words. Mark Lipman, who I wouldn’t let make me a mustard sandwich was on hand in his finest corporate suit giving interviews, and David Busch was there dressed like he was a Chinaman harvesting rice with a white sheet worn as some sort of cape, or something. LAPD showed up but quickly moved on to more pressing issues.

I’m not sure who decided it would be impactful to protest a company on a day that they are closed, where there is little to no foot traffic anyway. Maybe they don’t know about the 1.2 mile “free speech zone” 1/4 mile away where there were easily a few tens of thousands of people today… but then again I’m not in charge.

Their facebook page for the event did get 5 “likes” though!


The winds of change bloweth your easel over.

The winds of change bloweth your easel over.

David Busch being David Busch

David Busch being David Busch

Mark Lipman. He didn't sing.

Mark Lipman. He didn’t sing.


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