Suspects Assault Victim With Bottle To Face At Brooks & OFW – Victim May Lose Eye

An altercation between several males at Brooks and Ocean Front Walk left one victim with severe injuries after being hit in the face with a bottle. The victim was taken to the hospital and could possibly lose an eye from the ordeal. The suspects reported as 3 males fled southbound on Speedway. Nobody has been apprehended but LAPD is scouring the area for evidence.

The boardwalk was extremely busy today. While last summer had what locals would describe as a mellow tone on Ocean Front Walk, the year before experienced serious fights, stabbings and deployment of LAPD skirmish lines and the violent crimes task force to help with crime suppression. Hopefully we don’t head in that direction… it isn’t even that hot out yet…


Blood soaked victim waits for ambulance moments after the assault at Venice Beach. Thanks to @oc412 for the photo



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