Meltdown At Mothers Beach. Sheriff Airship – Riot Gear Hats & Bats Disperse Crowd

At around 6:45 p.m. Sunday evening reports came in that 200+ people were fighting at Mothers Beach in Marina Del Rey. As shown in the Vine video uploaded by someone partying at the scene… it looked like a raucous party was going on. Sheriff units arrived on scene with a helicopter instructing people to disperse. The scene was moving too slowly and deputies donned riot gear and beanbag rifles to spur things along a bit more quickly.  All traffic in and out was shut down to allow vehicles to exit quickly. Alcohol was considered an aggravating factor to the scene. ( duh )

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Thanks to @lupowolf via Twitter for the pic

Thanks to @lupowolf via Twitter for the pic

Movie uploaded from person at Mothers Beach via Vine:


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