Burglary From Motor Vehicle Suspects Busted By Residents – Fled LAPD – 2 In Custody

An LAPD airship rattled windows looking for 3 burglary from motor vehicle (BFMV) suspects Sunday night after residents saw them trying car door handles, and then walking away from a car with the trunk open. They, being awesome neighbors, called the cops and when officers approached the trio they all booked in different directions and let LAPD on a foot pursuit. They caught one right away, and an airship helped set up a perimeter where another suspect was nabbed. And… a call came out just now that another possible suspect just got off a bus at Venice and Cadillac. Would be great to nab all 3!

LAPD can’t STRESS IT ENOUGH! Lock up all your stuff ALL THE TIME! Thieves will break your window to steal a used postage stamp… anything…. LOCK IT, HIDE IT, KEEP IT!

Thanks to @pumpaidwarrior on twitter for the pic!

Thanks to @pumpaidwarrior on twitter for the pic!

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