Stolen Truck Checked In At 8 a.m. To Party At Beach – LAPD Towed It At 3:30 p.m.

Today an LAPD beach unit got a ping on a LOJACK enabled stolen truck that was pinched from San Diego yesterday. An airship flew over and spotted the truck parked in the S Venice beach lot. Opting not to sit on the vehicle and wait for the suspected thieves, they impounded the truck. Officers made entry into the vehicle and were on the phone with owner verifying which contents of the truck were his. Officers recovered a backpack, ID, credit cards and property that were not the owners. Also the vehicle has a touch screen that was apparently used to navigate to Venice. LAPD will run the vehicle for fingerprints, the ID & CC cards and will turn that over to San Diego PD so they can investigate leads on who may have stolen the truck.

Whomever parked it in the lot at 8 a.m. seemed to have a day planned at Venice Beach. Going to be an expensive cab ride home…and maybe eventually a booking.

IMG_8540 IMG_7698 IMG_7857


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