Execution-Style Murder Of 20 yr Old At Culver & Slauson – Parolee w Gang Ties In Custody

At approximately 11 p.m. a male in his mid 20’s who just got out of a 6 yr prison term for carjacking, with suspected Culver City Boys ties shot a 20 yr old male  in the head execution style. Apparently a group of males were doing meth at a scratch pad at Culver & Slauson and things got heated. The suspect then fled and tried to carjack a car. Carjacking victim took off and dragged the suspect, when he let go he was run over by the victims car and dragged. He tried to run and was then caught by Culver City Police and was taken to hospital where he is now in the custody of LAPD. He got a broken femur out of the deal, which will not work in his favor in prison, where the weak are preyed upon. Won’t have his gun to protect him in there. The victim and the other males were not suspected gang members, but are apparently bornXrasied CC and know all the local crews. Reports of gunfire started at around 10 and continued through 3 a.m. Most were firecrackers, except this one…

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 5.50.59 AM


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