Another Gang Shooting At Culver & Slauson – One Victim Shot In Hand – One Suspect Possibly Injured

UPDATE: Second victim at Brotman copping to just being a passerby who got shot, was scared and ran… but knows all the players… still unfolding.

Second victim involved in shooting from today just checked himself into Brotman medical with gunshot wound to leg. Hospital always immediately reports all intakes like this to law enforcement.

Shooter STILL at large. LAPD and CCPD know who he is. LAPD has taken one into custody from the scene of the shooting, and they just stopped 4 in the suspect vehicle that fled the scene and have them at gunpoint at Inglewood and Braddock.

Saturday 4:30 p.m. – Another shooting just went down, on the heels of an execution style murder last night at the same location. The suspect is a known Culver City Boys gang member who entered a residence and shot one victim. It is possible that an additional person with the suspect was injured. Two are currently detained.

Thanks to TonyGZA from Twitter for the pix!

20130608-185253.jpg photo courtesy RMGNews


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