Somebody STOLE ChiChiWahWah From Venice Beach Bum Sign Guys – PLEASE Bring Her BACK!

Life on the street his hard. Boozing all day isn’t the most admirable trait, but J. Scott, Shorty and Blu have at least turned their bum lifestyle into a vending-compliant eco-enterprise. Despite their ambitions, someone stole their Chihuahua ChiChi two days ago. They went to sleep in their normal spot near Westminster, and when they woke up their art supplies, crayons, keyboard and pooch were all stolen. Many along the boardwalk know ChiChi the Chihuahua. When the trio got hooked up in jail for Memorial Day weekend, another boardwalk friend watched the doggie… I keep checking the shelter pages for her… but if you see her please… bring her back to Westminster and OFW… no questions asked. Her family misses her.



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