ReBar Swordsman Fights With LAPD After Beating His Dog On OFW – What Happens To The Dog? ANSWERS!


Today a merchant and residents along Ocean Front Walk called LAPD when a male black transient with a piece of rebar was swinging it and beating his dog. The man is a well known combative transient on the boardwalk with a pit bull. LAPD arrived, handcuffed the man and conducted an interview at which time they put him under arrest. The man decided that he was going to resist by going completely limp and not standing for the officers, essentially becoming dead weight. After several attempts to get him into the patrol car, LAPD called for assistance and the responding 6 officers were able to get him into the patrol car. Another transient offered to watch his dog, at which time he yelled out that he didn’t want anyone to have his dog. Officers took the dog to the LA Animal Shelter.

This happens often. Transients like to have dogs, particularly pit bulls, for the following reasons:

  • Companionship
  • They get more money when panhandling as people sympathize with the animal
  • Protection when sleeping at night on the street

The problem is that transients rarely have money to register the animal, pay for the neuter, get a proper license or provide medical care for the animal when needed, and the animals wind up suffering. Two years ago when transient Billy Young was arrested for murder on the boardwalk, his pit bull was taken to the pound. Several people offered to adopt the dog and we went to the LA Animal Shelter to help.

We learned that any animal taken to the pound when someone is arrested is considered their property – and is held for 30 days. In order for the transient or person to get their animal out of the pound they must make sure that the animal is properly licensed – and they have to pay for the neuter and licensing process. If the person is incarcerated for a long period of time,  a written, signed letter with a photo copy of the transients I.D. releasing the custody of the animal must be presented to the LA Animal Shelter in order for them to release the animal. This can only be orchestrated and obtained by the incarcerated persons lawyer or public defender ( good luck with that ). They WILL NOT release the animal before 30 days without those items. After the 30 days, the animal, if considered to be in adequate health and temperment for adoption – will be made available for adoption for a short period of time before being put down. The time depends on the animal. ALL ANIMALS ARE NEUTERED… and to adopt the animal you ( or the prior owner ) will have to pay $122 to cover the cost of the neuter, microchip, and license.

I asked the folks at LA Animal Services about what usually happens with the dogs, particularly pit bulls… and they said unfortunately they are usually put down. Either they have severe medical conditions that make them unadoptable or they are too aggressive. The others, often times, are abandoned by their owners because they can’t afford to get them out… which is the saddest and most selfish tragedy of all. If you are interested in saving an animal, unfortunately there are an abundance in our shelters. Please always consider adoption!

As for the ReBar Swordsman… as usual everyone at scene wanted to tell officers that he beat his dog, but nobody would go on record so he could be charged with it. WAY TO GO PEOPLE YOU SUCK! Go ahead and let the poor dog suffer because you don’t have the balls to stand up for a fruit loop that beats his dog with a piece of metal!

If you are going to “do the right thing” and call the police, have the gumption to stand as a witness to the crime. OTHERWISE HE GOES FREE AND UNCHARGED!



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