Mystery Chopper Revealed For Ghettro 7-11 Guy W Weapon – Partial Mystery Remains

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Lots of air activity yesterday in the late afternoon had many asking what the airships were doing hovering for so long. We did confirm that there was an LAPD airship over Palms/Lincoln area looking for an armed man associated with schenannigans from the lovely 7-11… but that only lasted 15-20 minutes. Weapons were found in a car after a routine traffic stop and a nearby residence was cleared for weapons. Everything was safe. Many were reporting a helicopter hovering for over an hour. Scanning the area for a 5 hour block of time didn’t yield any other birds… LAPD was in the area looking for an armed man as a result. On Memorial Day Holidays and other major LAPD deployments, the mass amount of officers requires them to split frequencies into several tactical channels to group efforts and events. My normal scanner feed broadcasts LAPD Pacific Division “base” which normally covers our whole area. Over the weekend, Venice Beach has its own frequency, Dockweiler Beach has its own frequency and the rest of Pacific works of “base” and “fallback” (aka Simplex). What does this all mean? Well, basically when I am out of the area and sh!t blows up… I don’t receive fallback or simplex which is where the airships typically switch frequencies to…. and with 5 different possible things to listen to in order to find out what is going on… it was hard to hone down.

This has been a relatively uneventful Memorial Day weekend as far as crime and idiocy. Huge LAPD presence helps. Last night there were several huge groups starting fights on the boardwalk at dusk…. however this morning there are already a bunch of fights reported along Speedway and Ocean Front Walk. Keep it safe folks, enjoy the beach… and most importantly remember those who gave their lives for our country!


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