Responsible Local Homeless Man Transitioning To Housing Looking For Basic Work – Can You Help?

Do you need cleanup work done? A local man who has been homeless, but is very responsible and is eager to work is looking for a job. Unlike many in Venice, he truly did just hit hard times and has done everything possible to stay away from the seedy side of Venice while living on the street as he transitions to work and housing. He does not use any drugs or alcohol. He has no lofty aspirations, he is just looking for steady work, and will work as a bus boy and/or general labor to earn his way up.A local business person offered to help, but never came through which has really been heartbreaking as the words spoken to myself, the homeless man and the local police took them to be true and he relied on the offer, but he isn’t giving up. If you have any work that needs to be done, shoot me an email and I will arrange a meeting.

Let’s see if our community actually can help one of the few who really does want to work and help themselves out of homelessness.



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