Drunk Guy Rams Car – Tries To Flee – LAPD Chases On Foot And Arrests On Ocean Front Walk

20130511-204425.jpg After what appears to be a touch of “over service” at The Waterfront Cafe – this drunk guy got in his Intrepid and neglected to put his car in reverse while exiting the parking lot at Rose and OFW – thus ramming into a car at full force. He then remembered how to put the car in reverse – and tried to squeal out of the parking lot like a madman. Beach officer Sgt. Gonzales was on the boardwalk, saw the whole ram-and-jam go down and chased the car on foot. He stopped the vehicle at gunpoint and the fumbling drunk, who we will call “Scott” ( because that is his name ) – got out and was a bit too wasted to comply with orders even with a gun pointed at him. Additional units were on scene fast and took boozy into custody. He cried briefly, banged his head on the hood of the car, asked for officers to shoot him, and them asked if they could just let it all slide.

He was subsequently slid to jail where he will be booked for DUI hit and run. Ain’t booze grand!




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